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Lady Gaga VMA performance

VMA performance Photos

This one is pretty on par with some of what she wears now however, it’s not quite to the same extremes of some of her more recent outfits.  I like the brunette hair!

Now this is a good one to wear home to maybe meet your boyfriend’s parents.  The suit and glasses say you should be taken seriously yet, the pearls and bows say that you are feminine and would be a good home maker!

This is a nice little cover up for when it’s cold outside.  Nothing like a feather, hair on the shoulders, see through blue blanket, and fishnets to say I’m ready for a party!

See, now obviously we have a case here of someone who cares about the environment.  Whenever she gets her hair cut she saves the clippings and has them made into clothes.  Well-done Lady Gaga!  This is very Madonna meets Viking princess meets showgirl.

Now this is a great one.  It’s like the sun is coming up behind her head! What woman doesn’t feel good about herself when she has on her see-through lace body suit and mini thong?  On a somewhat serious note (as serious as I can be when talking about this outfit), if you are going to wear this, the lace on the face looks kind of cool.  And her hair (minus the sun) is styled pretty cute with a side of sass!

Now there was a little phase here where Lady Gaga got stuck in a rut with the geometric ice crystals on the clothes look.  It is kind of cool looking though!  I think this is some of her cooler yet not out of her mind outfits.

Here is an outfit that is clearly for those days that you just don’t feel like being strapped into a hair bustier, want to just go out for a walk, and maybe turn a few tricks!  Who knows?!

I think she may be wearing a leather beehive here, but I can’t be for sure.  Man there is nothing like a good old Lady Gaga leotard!

Now if you were being a toy solider for Halloween this would be an awesome costume.  But for some reason, my gut is telling me that she is completely serious about this and I’m guessing it’s no where close to Halloween.

This one is so crazy that it’s cool.  It really catches the stage lights well.  If you look closely too, her piano is also filled with bubbles.  Pretty cool!

Man it must have been so embarrassing though when Lady Gaga did a guest appearance on SNL and Andy Samberg showed up wearing the exact same thing! Talk about AWKWARD!

Here Madonna!  Top this!  You may have started the cone bra but I perfected it!

Now the rest of the pictures are montages to some of the most absurd yet awesome, umm, clothing? Dress? Underwear? Lets go with things that she puts on her body.
These next three outfits are dedicated to all those stuffed animals out there that thought they would never be anything more than just a child’s toy.  These are for you, the stuffies that dared to dream.
To Hello Kitty:

To Animal from the Muppets:

And finally to Kermit the Frog:
This dedication is for being one of the best news reporters in the history of television and for being someone who always kept his head up, even in times of facing the hardships of being green.
The Mask Montage:
This next set of pictures are for all of the weird yet awesome masks she wears.  Do you think it’s hot under there?  I bet the 5 pounds of eye make-up she puts on is running down her face after performing with some of these bad boys on!
The mirror mask must be pretty heavy.  Do you think her parents look at her and say wow, I see so much of myself in you!  Okay that was way too cheesy, even for me!  This is a pretty sweet picture though.  It’s like she the bad ass ninja of pop music!
Be sure you don’t kiss her when she’s wearing this beast.  Probably best to just say a good three feet away from her face.

I think the gimp from Pulp Fiction may have been her inspiration for this one.

I feel like Zorro was the inspiration for this one.

All of these mask pictures are a great way to transition into my next little collection of pictures.  Who can forget the 2009 MTV video music awards?  Six costume changes, masks, feathers, fake blood, a crown, and a bird’s nest!  These are the things that every woman should have in her closet; they’re the real staples of any solid wardrobe!
This is a perfect choice for walking the red carpet.  She looks like a raven going to the ball!

This next one was what she wore for her performance.  I included two pictures because I wanted to show the little mask she wore before she ripped it off and started bleeding out of her stomach.  You know, typical performance stuff.

Then this was the outfit she wore for watching most of the award show after her performance.  This is a good choice because you want to be comfortable if you’re going to be sitting there for a while. Plus you never know when the sides of your face will get cold.

Then there’s the total dilemma of what to wear for when they announce the winner of category that you’re nominated for.  Elegant gown?  Something short and sassy? Even one of her typical leotards?  Nope, let’s go with the face and body covering lace thing with a crown.  Yes.  Yes that is the solid choice.

After the award show is over all of the winners go into a pressroom where they get their picture taken for the press and then shout out a few words about how awesome they are.  I actually think this is the sanest outfit she wore all night.  For me it feels kind of like a space man meets the Little Mermaid, Ariel’s shell bra. This is probably the most comfortable thing she wore all night.

Then there’s the after party outfit.  I’m at a loss for words on this one.  I think it pretty much makes fun of it’s self.

Now as a final note, I would like to say that I’m a big Lady Gaga fan and do not mean any disrespect with any of the comments I make.  e has a stylist or someone to dress her each and every morning.  In all seriousness though, I bet she does have a stylist.  I mean why not?  Your dad is Tom Cruise and the fashionable Katie Holmes!  Here are some of my favorite outfits and I’ve also included some pictures of when Suri’s hair was cute.  It seems to be slowly dwindling down into quite a mess!  She still is pretty cute though.
This photo selection is full of some of the cutest pics of little miss Suri.  The clothes, accessories, and shoes are all great.  But the main thing that I would like to point out that this little section is when Suri’s hair was sooooo cute!!!  Her little bob was adorable!  I think that TomKat should bring back the bob ASAP!!

Fabulous coat!!  It really complements her coloring!  The dress underneath is Janie and Jack.  My niece happens to have worn this for her very first Christmas!  Now Janie and Jack is a very nice store, but it is definitely affordable.  I like to see some of these rich little kiddos not wearing only Burberry and Prada!

I would never think to put a little darling in grey but she makes it work!  This dress is really cute!

What a little doll!
Love this!  The umbrella is soooo cute!

This outfit would have to be my most favorite one of all.  The hair is great and the shoes are the perfect accessory to accent the subtle red Burberry stripe.

This one is just too cute from head to toe!  The shoes are precious!  I would snatch up those shoes in a second as well as wear this whole outfit, and I’m 21 years old!
It can be so hard to know what is the appropriate outfit to wear for certain events.  But when attending the very exclusive Disney World park, the place to see and be seen, it’s even more important that you dress to impress!  I would have to say that Suri nailed this one right on the head.  She looks like a perfect little princess.  Her face is so sweet looking up at Mickey too!  She has to be in her absolute element!  Love this.
This is a nice wind in the hair shot.  Way to work your surroundings Suri!  This is another fashion from the Janie and Jack collection.  Also on a completely separate note, I bought this same dress for my little niece for a special night out on the town as well!  So needless to say, I love it!
Now to end with a few pictures of Suri sassing it up in her kitten heals!  You go girl! If you can handle walking in heals then you’re not too young to wear them!  Now if she were trying to rock the stiletto then I might not be so on board but the kitten heal is perfect for a this little tot.  She always looks so cute in red and this little green dog purse is fierce!
I love the all black outfit with an accessory coat that makes the whole outfit pop!  Also, her coat is coordinated with her Elmo doll; very nice!!  Way to work it!  And again, the heels are just so hot and happening!!
The four models that are/were reportedly pregnant so far have been Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, and Heidi Klum.  Well you can scratch Heidi and Adriana from that list.
Adriana Lima welcomed her daughter Valentina Lima Jeric, on November 15th.  The smokin’ model is married to NBA player Marko Jaric, have been married since 2008.  No pictures of the baby girl have surfaced yet!

Heidi Klum and Seal welcomed their daughter Lou Sulola Samuel on October 9th.  This is their second daughter of the four children they have together (technically Seal and Heidi only have actually had three together but who cares, Seal is Leni’s “real” dad anyways).  This last Saturday, November 28th, Seal posted the first picture of his new baby girl.  She looks like she’ll be a stunner!

I’m not sure what the theme of the show is this year.  The preview of the “outfits” doesn’t show a cohesive idea, at least for me.  But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  At least we know the main theme is sexy, scantily dressed ladies!

This is really pretty.  Is it a shirt?  Is it a bra? Is that purple thing a skirt? A cape for your lower half?  Who knows!  It’s the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  You can get away with anything.

This one is cool.  It’s not light and fairy like, like the others.  It’s like fallen angel maybe?  I didn’t realize that garter belts could hold up your boots instead of stockings though.  Have to make a mental note for that one.

I think that maybe that’s a bow on her back?  I’m sure lots of guys wouldn’t mind getting this present.

I gotta say, this one is my least favorite.  I’ve seen these weird body stocking things before in underwear sections of stores and have never really been wowed.  Nothing says sexy like having your whole body covered in nylon!

Wow!  All I can say is awesome.  I bet it’s hot under those feathers.  Thank goodness she’s not wearing anything else to balance her body temp out and keep her cool!

This is pretty cool.  I like that the wings look like they’re a clock with the cogs and roman numeral numbers at the end.  The undies are super cute too!

This one is funky but I like it.  Very engineering, inventor, cog machine meets slutty underwear and blond hair.

I’m not sure what this one’s about but I feel slightly dizzy.  I think if the Riddler from Batman was a lingerie model, this is what he would wear.

Man the people who sew theses outfits for the VS show have got to feel like they hit the jackpot.  Getting huge publicity, your design on a major runway, and all you had to do was sew together two inches of clothe and call it underwear.  Nice.

I don’t know what’s going on here with the blue blanket around her waist but it works.  I’m think though that if she’s cold, maybe don’t go for the fur jacket first before a shirt?  No? Just me?

I think this one is beautiful.  The wings are amazing and my favorite part is the shoes; doesn’t get any cooler than gladiator, feather, knee high stilettos!

This one’s pretty cute but doesn’t stack up to the other’s in ornate-ness.  Check out the shoes though; pretty cool!

This gives me a very 80′s vibe. It’ll be interesting to see how this fits in to the show tomorrow night cause just looking at the others, I look at this one and start singing, “one of these things does not belong here” in my head.

And last but certainly not least, I give you, the diamond bra.  It’s 150 carat, $3 million dollar bra.  If that doesn’t get you somewhere then I don’t know what will!  Marisa Miller claimed that wearing the bra was an honor and felt like a princess wearing it.  Yeah, a naked princess.  Do you think that’s what the Disney princess’s wore under there ball gowns?  Marisa had big shoes to fill but now can hang her portrait of the hall of models who have worn the infamous VS diamond bra.  The alumni include, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, and Adriana Lima.  The bra was designed by Damiani.  Oh and Marisa is 31, looks like this, and has boobs worth millions.  Yeah I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now!

Lady Gaga and Beyonce teamed up for the remix of Beyonce’s song “Video Phone”.  The video premiered yesterday, November 16th and has generated a lot of buzz.  The video features Beyonce dressed in a series of outfits, dancing, shooting guns, walking down a street with a posse, and dancing on chairs.  In the video, it seems that Lady Gaga and Beyonce exchanged wardrobes.  Many of Beyonce’s outfits are not what she typically wears for her videos.  Beyonce is wearing things in this video that would be found only on Lady Gaga.  She wears very odd plastic glasses, skin colored tops, make-up that makes her look like a drag queen, and enough leotards to make up all the colors of the wind.  Now let me just say, I’m a big fan of both Beyonce and Lady Gaga, but this video is pretty ridiculous.

The first part of the music video looks like a scene from Reservoir Dogs, Rihanna’s outfit from the video “Run This Town” with Jay-z and Kanye West, and a slight feeling of the crazy 88′s from Kill Bill.  The video then goes into what appears to be a strobe light view.  What worries me the most is that some people may go into a seizure when watching this video.  I bet the producer’s didn’t even consider those poor people!  In between giving people seizures, the special effects look like a bad drug trip.  If I were to ever try some of those drugs, I’m pretty sure that this is what it would be like.

Some of Beyonce’s outfits are interesting and even slightly creative.  I can definitely say that I’ve never seen anything like them.  Oh wait I have, on Lady Gaga.  But no matter how ridiculous the outfits are, in every single shot, Beyonce is wearing the most amazing shoes!!

Beyonce’s green army outfit isn’t the worst but if she got ride of the Darth Vader mask then it wouldn’t be half bad!  The outfit that makes the least sense to me is the 80′s shirt, 50′s hairstyle, racing gloves, ghetto gold necklaces, a hat that appears to be a french beret, and a hooker garderbelt.  But at least she matches the weird hooker look with stripper dance moves.  Oh and wait wait, there is a fake gun that comes with this outfit.

The outfit that makes no sense what so ever (that is if any of them do) is the plastic skin colored bra shirt thing, cheetah pants, plastic sleeve around her hips and stomach, a pink belt that appears to be holding bullets, another face shield in case it rains directly into her eyes only, and hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed in about four days.  And don’t forget, this outfit also comes accessorized with fake guns.

Lady Gaga looks so simple and almost elegant in this video.  She has half the make-up that she usually cakes on, free flowing hair, she’s not wearing clothes that are made out of bubble wrap, and the accessories are pretty normal (yellow water gun aside).  She is really beautiful but you’d never guess from how she is typically styled.

I don’t even know what is going on with the men with camera heads or with Beyonce straddling a motorcycle with out it actually moving.

The neon water guns are a nice touch though.  Nothing say what the hell is going on in this video like throwing in some random guns that have nothing to do with the song.

The thing that disappoints me the most though, is the lack of cool dance moves.  Usually they each have at least a section of well choreographed dancing.  Most of the dancing was either done off the cuff once the camera started rolling or they hired a local stripper to come on down and show them her best moves.
But you definitely should watch the video and judge for yourself.  It’s a real treat!
To watch the video go to
Carrie Underwood co-hosted the 43rd Country Music Awards with Brad Paisley this year.  I think that the main reason women agree to host award shows is that they get to play dress up all night long.  Getting to wear 15 different dresses during the span of one night really helps with having to decide which dress out of several to wear.  Carrie had some pretty fun dress to wear. Take a look!

carrie under








 Fashion from the CMA awards 2009!
Barbara Mandrell had a safe choice for a dress up it was beautiful.  The gold beading over top the greenish tan color really compliments her blond hair and olive skin tones.
The Judd sisters were out in full last night.  Wynonna Judd has the best color of red hair but I do wonder what her real color looks like.  Now I’m not an avid follower of the Judd sisters but is it just me or do they always seem to wear those same long coats?  Maybe I should look into that.
ABC’s Good Morning America third anchor Robin Roberts was also in attendance looking a simple but elegant red gown.  I love this one.
Ashley Monroe was in a short, velvet wrap dress that was less elegant than some.  I’m not so sure about the dress but the shoes are pretty cute!
Diana Degarmo was in a bright bubble gum pink dress.  You know you don’t see women wearing this color these days, well unless they have some bubble gum stuck on their face.  The dress and color aren’t bad but there’s just something about this dress that doesn’t quite work.  Maybe if it was made as short dress or a long dress but not both.  And maybe if the shade wasn’t quite the color of pepto bismol.
Erika Page White looked beautiful in a simple dark brown velvet gown.  Again, this is understated, simple, elegance but it looks great on her!  It really keeps the focus on how beautiful her face is.
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
faith and tim
Jessica Harp
Joey and Rory
Julianne Hough
Katie Armiger
Katie Armiger
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Keith and Nic
Lady Antebellum
Leann Ryhmes
Leann Womack
Leann Womack
Reba Macintire
Michelle Branch
Miranda Lambert
Nancy O’Dell
Nancy O'Dell
Patricia Heaton
Martina McBride
Martina McBride
Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia
Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles
The night’s big winner of the night, Taylor Swift.  She took home four awards including entertainer of the year
Whitney Duncan
So this year was hit and miss for a lot of celebrity’s costumes.  I tried to get some of the best costumes and then I couldn’t help but also show you some of the worst.  Yes, many girls dress up in some very slutty costumes but then there’s some that are out of control.  Way to down the whole women as equals and not objects idea ladies!
The best of 2009
Ellen Degeneres is about to be the first person to appear on the O magazine cover besides Oprah Winfrey. The two will shoot the cover in two weeks!  Can’t wait to see what the real cover looks like instead of all the spoof covers Ellen has shown on her show!  My favorite part of this costume is the story headline on the cover “New! Dr. Phil Centerfold”.  Yeah that’s a sight I’m sure.  I bet it would be something similar to George Costanza picture on Seinfeld!
Gwen Stefani made a very cute Jesse the cowgirl from Toy Story 2.  Her kids Kingston and Zuma were dressed up as dinosaurs when they went out trick or treating.  Man, I don’t know if it gets any cuter than little kids dressed up for Halloween!
Kingston and Zumad as John McCain and Michelle was Sarah Palin?!  Probably not but that would be kind of funny.
The Kardashian Girls dressed up this year too (of course).  Kim Kardashian made a very cute Disney’s Snow White and Kourtney was a pregnant school girl.  Way to send the right message to your young fans Kourtney.  ;-)
Following the theme of the Kardashian sisters, we have Tyra Banks!  She does look a lot like Kim Kardashian I think!  She even has the face that Kim makes when posing for the cameras!  But I’m kind of wondering, do you think that’s what Tyra was already planning to wear for her show that day and was like oh crap it’s Halloween! Quick get some Kardashian sisters card board cut outs and I’ll just rock it!  Just kidding Tyra, I love you!
Now as much as I really, really, really do not like Spencer and Heidi Pratt, they did have some funny costumes.  There was a lot of Jon and Kate Plus 8 costumes this year but I think they might take the cake on this one.  What sealed the deal on them being the best Jon and Kate, for me, was the baby dolls. I also like the Team Kate t-shirt on Heidi.  As much as I hate to admit it, it was pretty funny.

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