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Mary Blair Sweety Disney

Mary Blair Sweety Disney

Paris Classic Fashion,1920s Vintage Womens coats

Paris 1920s Vintage Womens coats

Wrapover coats were the essential syle,especially in winter.Large buttons and belts galore.The coat lining was often fashioned to match dress fabric

Classic Fashion,1920s Underwear

1920s Underwear

Vintage Corsets remained popular among young working women in the 1920's, but come evening time, off went the corsets, stockings were rolled to the knee and women danced !! Long Girdles with attached suspenders were often worn.

Classic Fashion,1920s Hairstyle

The Bob,1920s

Short cut hairstyle is very populer in the 1920s.Many of the women of the elite and the aristocrcy who liked it.

The Eton Crop,1920s

The Finger Wave Hairstyle

Early 1920`s Hat -Wide brim for longer hair

In the early twenties,hats were wider in order to hold the longer hairstyles. As more and more women bobbed or cropped their hair, hats were tighter to the head and the most popular style was the famous cloche hat. In our opinion, the coolest hat ever designed.

Late 1920s Cloche Hats

Late 1920s Cloche Hats

Classic Fashion,Accessories 1920s

Shimmering Art Deco styles in gold for your purse, makeup cases

Not to mention your personal gold cigarette case !

Oodles of Beading, furs, feathers, flowers, and lace ! especially when going out at night. Popular fabrics were chiffon,taffeta, satin, velvet and brocade! beading, furs, feathers, flowers, and lace. Floral dress colours, as can be seen in our archive film below, were hugely popular.

1920s Fashion Style

Girls with in the fashion 1920s

Photographs and drawings of the 1920s classic fashions

Classic 1920s fashion