Saturday, April 28, 2007


After almost 3 years, I've decided to leave Paris. Of course the City of Lights is charming, but, let's face it, not a hotspot for fashion fodder. I've been roaming streets and crashing parties all around the world, scanning faces, forgetting the meaning of the working week. I've learnt a lot over the past year and I couldn't fail to notice this: the image of Paris you get from the fashion industry is a million miles away from the "real people" who mostly don't get off on dressing up. Old people still have a snappy sense of style, but the young have lost their heritage and aren't experimental enough to replace it. I might as well just say it, Paris has lost its sense of style. London, New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Reykjavik are the most inspiring places I've been - places where you can find people inventing new cultures, new ways of dressing, or at least enjoying elegance. I've chosen London because it offers more diversity, plain craziness and cultural invention per square metre than pretty much anywhere else around. Needless to say being based in Europe allows me to get around easily too. New York will doubtless be the next step. So I'm changing my address, but not my life. I'll keep travelling as much as possible, always on the hunt for personalities rather than simple trends. For the Paris lovers, don't worry, the Eurostar won't lose my custom. Here's my line-up for the coming weeks:

April 29th - May 14th: London
May 15th - 21th: Belgrade
May 22th - 27th: Madrid
May 28th - 30th: London
June 1st-3rd: Switzerland
June: Venice, Helsinki and Paris to be confirmed

Lastly, I want to thank you all for your support. Face Hunter is a really crazy adventure that brings me new projects all the time. Half the fun is sharing them with you.

PARIS - la perle, 04/28/07

PARIS - fluokids party, point éphémère, 04/27/07

PARIS - on the street, le marais, 04/27/07