Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heart Evangelista's Twitter Hacked; Calls Marian Rivera as "Marianita Bobo"

"Gudmorning everyone!!!very sad today..super stress ako ky marianita bobo!!"

"Aminin ko na sinigawan ni mommy c Marian sa airport ng 'stay away from my daughter'"

"Humanda ka sa akin Bobita malapit na ako umuwi Jan d kta uurungan!!!"

Those were the series of messages posted this morning in Heart Evangelista's twitter account @heart021485. Message that clearly refers to her "Temptation Island" co-star Marian Rivera.

It will be recalled that the two Kapuso stars got involved in a disagreements during the shooting of the movie "Temptation Island" in Laoag, Ilocos (read related article HERE).

But before those tweets became another reason for a much bigger feud between the two stars, Heart's fans club "Heartworld", in a separate twitter message, said that Heart was not in anyway responsible for those malicious messages and that their idol's twitter account got hacked.

"We would like inform you guys that Heart Evangelista's twitter account has been hacked.Any tweets from @heart021485 is not basically from her..Please RT."

"Twitter got hacked.We called her and she's in the mall right now shopping..Please beware."

"Please help us inform everyone that Heart's twitter account has been hacked."

"One more thing Heart is not using iPhone to tweet coz her twitter doesn't work there.If you will notice the recent tweets were posted using iPhone..Heart uses web to tweet..FYI!"

"Isa pa,hindi po Jejemon magtweet si Heart.."

Daniel Matsunaga, Heart's boyfriend who is currently with the actress in Brazil for vacation, also cleared Heart's name on the issue.

On his twitter account (@dmatsunaga), Daniel said:

"hearts account has been hacked by desperate fans!this is really too much,i guess "her"theats are coming true.to all the reporters help."

"hearts account has been hacked.to all the reporters pls help her do whats right.this was one of the threats to heart and its coming true..."

""one text and papatayin ka nila.patay ka" those were her words.now they are trying to do everything to turn it around.please help me rtweet"

"why do u guys think there was securities in the airport when heart arrived from taping??because things were said...and we will explain there"

Heart also breaks her silence and said her piece through Daniel's twitter account:

"its heart.wow...thankyou@heartworld for helping me fix that twitter account.one thing.she told me in that room"hawak ko lahat ng president ng fans club ko kaya isang text papatayin ka nila,patay ka,umiyak si bella padilla sa pp dahil binoo..."i know why my account was hacked..and this is really wrong. my last tweet till i get back to speak.i will say EVERYTHING.even the way she said it.mali na po talaga eto.godbs"

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