Sunday, July 3, 2011

Compare and contrast: Tean Wolf vs. Twilight

MICHAEL J. Fox made it an iconic role but don’t expect Teen Wolf in 2011 to car surf or hog the basketball. A TV remake based on the 1985 movie, starting on Channel Seven tomorrow night, is darker, scarier and sexier for a new generation of “Twilightified” viewers.
And to make matters worse for fans of the original classic, this wolf boy plays lacrosse. Nineteen-year-old Tyler Posey plays the modern Teen Wolf, aka Scott McCall, becoming the latest actor to sit for hours in a make-up chair to transform into a werewolf.
The hairy, mythological beast is enjoying a resurgence on the small and big screen. Australian actor Grant Bowler played an evil werewolf in the popular US series True Blood, while Taylor Lautner plays a teenage-girl friendly version in the mega-movie franchise Twilight.
Ironically, Posey narrowly lost out to Lautner, 19, for the role of Jacob Black. He told Insider: “It was between me and Taylor. I guess it wasn’t my time to be a werewolf. I had to wait another couple of years – but I got my wolf and that’s really cool.”

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