Wednesday, September 19, 2012

London Fashion Week 2012

It's also ended yesterday the London Fashion Week 2012 that, with New York, Milan and Paris, is one of the biggest events in fashion world that brings to it the greatest representative of fashion. 

As always, there was many different but great styles but, in general, I was pretty satisfied by collections presented. Among confirmations and great comebacks, these are the collections that I liked the most.

This collection looks like a collage of asymmetries, destructuring, overlaps and patchowrk of materials and textures. Graceful and innovative, it's a tribute to tailoring tradition.

Tradition and innovation united into a unique solution, rich of style and energy, precious in the jewel colors, contemporary for the use of tech and reflective materials that express brightness and enhance a classic style interpreted with a surprising versatility.

Fascinating and elegant, this collection is a continous metamorphosis of styles: ladylike style that is turned into biker style, for example. Despite it don't seem that these styles are matchable together, the finale effect is very glamorous and feminine.

A feminine collection, elegant in its simplicity. Based on pallet of neutral colors  that go form white to black, passing for beige and brown, it's a tribute to minimal chic style, dedicated to confident and classy women.

The emergent designer gave great proof of his talent creating a collection  with a linear style, almost futuristic, characterized by clean cuts and a multiform silhouette. Based on a pallet of colors that go from white to blue, to orange with some touches of black that give to the collection a feminine and elegant allure.

Romanticism: this is the key word to describe the collection with a lovely retro allure, with references to 50's and 60's  that remind me characters like Audrey Hepburn. Anyway there also is a modern touch represented by peplum and necklines. Dedicated to the most romantic fashionistas but not only.

Sportwear reintepreted in tailoring way, delicate and elegant. With references to 60's, in cuts and shapes, it also presents  a futuristic soul evident in metallic fabrics and structured lines. In general, a collection with a strong personality.

The black and white is the liet motiv of the collection, perfect for day and night. Lace, feather and embroidery decorate fabrics like tassel and denim and other more precious like silk and crepe, made more rich by Swarovsky crystals.

A funny and girlish collection that is different from the others for its particular attention to the decorative elements: geometric and floral prints, true liet motiv of the collection. With delicate colors and a strong summer taste, the style proposed is perfect for a super chic vacation. Are you ready to go?

The collection is totally based on contrast: male/female, futuristic/retro. Metallic fabrics and clean and linear shapes are the main elements. 

For this collection the designer takes inspiration form India and its colors. Thanks to a great mix of prints, colors and clean and soft shapes, is dedicated to all fashionistats who love glamour and practicity.

A simple and elegant, feminine and delicate, the collection is a gift to all women who love a clean and chic style that is intepret  of a refined and discreet elegance. Light colors, soft and linear shapes and soft fabrics make this collection even more beautiful.

The designer realized a tribute to minimal style: simple and classy. The entire collection develops the essence with soft clothes, neutral colors with some touches of prints, and cleand and soft shapes.

The eccentricity seems to be  the main theme of the show that proposes the mix of prints, already seen in other past collections. Not innovative, maybe, but with a nice effect.

A lively and colored style that honors 60's and 70's prints, with soft and flared shapes. Dedicated to young fashionistas who love a glamour and funny fashion.

The brand celebrates its 150th anniversary with one of its best collections. Inspired by the movie Buffalo 66, it proposes contrasts and games of texture, fabrics and shapes, patchwork and overlaps. Tradition and innovation that are united into something great!

A great comeback to the London Fashion Week for the brand that, for s/s 2013, proposes a  collection that is consistent in its precision, with a game of male and female concepts with a strong presence of smocking suits revisited in a modern way with origami style folds and geometric details. The designers, thanks to soft and shaped shapes, are able to play with the silhouette ina chic and captivating way.

This collection is totally inspired by teenagers's spirit: romanitc, pure and, at the same time, rebel. The brand proposes virginal clothes, in broderie anglaise and tweed, that presents malicious transparencies.  Nice colors and soft fabrics, give a further romantic touch to the collection.

The collection is pervaded  by a minimal chic allure, dedicated to confident and stylish women. Soft shapes, clean lines, floral, graphic and striped prints, neutral colors (like white and black), interspresed by other acid ones and sensual transparencies, are the main elements.

A riot of colors and a tribute to british style reinterpreted in a contemporary and personal way, Vivienne Westwood style, with that touch of eccentricity that distinguishes her.

This collection is called "Willow the whisp" and, in my opinion, is the best collection presented in London Fashion Week. Soft and delicate, it reminds me the unreal atmospheres of dreams. The tailoring details are in contrast with the lightness of fabrics that are interpresed to other ones like leather that gives to the collection a contemporary touch maintaining, at the same time, a delicate and innocent mood.

What do you think about?

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