Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lady Gaga VMA

  Lady Gaga wore meat to the 2010 VMAs. What did she have in store for us this year? Find out here!
Everyone wondered what Lady Gaga had in store for the 2011 MTV VMAs, where she would open the evening's ceremonies with her performance. The world needs wonder no longer! Read on and check out brand new 2011 VMA photos to find out exactly how Lady Gaga rocked the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. One Tucson viewer, Adam Robert, expressed disbelief when she took the stage, asking us, "What the &#*%?? That's Lady Gaga?" Find out the source of Adam's confusion below!
Here in Tucson, you can catch an encore showing of the 2011 Video Music Awards Sunday, August 28 (tonight), from 8:45pm until 10:45pm. There will also be multiple encores throughout the upcoming week. Check listings for times and channels.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Channels Jo Calderone For 2011 VMAs Performance
 Check out Lady Gaga as Joe Calderon during her 2011 Video Music Awards performance. (August 28, 2011) 
The first moments of MTV's 2011 VMAs were such a drag, but we mean that in a good way! Lady Gaga opened the show in true gender-bending fashion, appearing as her Jo Calderone persona. Working a greasy pompadour, dirty white tee shirt, black slacks and a black sportcoat, she pulled off her transgender transformation perfectly. With cigarette in hand, smoke billowing from her nose and mouth, Gaga gave a dramatic monologue about herself from Joe's point of view.
"When she [Gaga] gets on that stage, she holds nothing back. And when she comes, its like she covers her face because she doesn't want me to see. It's like she can't stand to have one honest moment where nobody's watching. I want her to be real. But she says Joe, I'm not real. I'm theater. And you and I, this is just rehearsal."
Lady Gaga, aka Joe C., then sank her teeth into her latest single, "You and I". She began on the piano before breaking into a dance routine mid-way through the song. Country twang was alive and well on the 2011 VMAs stage tonight, with some Gaga stank on it and an assist from guitarist Brian May.
By the end of Lady Gaga's "You and I" performance, Gaga as Jo Calderone was atop the piano, making a mess with some beer and rocking out, thoroughly enjoying her dragged-out self. That is, until she fell off said piano! Oops. We hope she's feeling alright!

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