Thursday, August 18, 2011

Would You Buy Rags By Rob?

Do you like looking at Robert Pattinson? Of course you do. Would you like it if your man -- or millions of men -- looked just a teensy bit more like him? Of course you would! Well, you're in luck, because the super sexy vampire is getting ready to start his own clothing line, appropriately called Rags by Rob.
Well, actually, hold on, I may be getting a tad ahead of myself. Here's what happened. Robert's Twilight castmate, Kellan Lutz, was talking to US Weekly about his own clothing line, Abbot + Main, when he mentioned that he and Robert had loosely discussed a clothing line for him. Lutz said:
Rob and I were talking about doing clothing lines, and he found out I was doing one and was like "I should do one." He wants to do one -- he's always so hipster.
Lutz then added that he and Pattinson, off the top of their heads, called the line "Rags by Rob," which is actually sort of fitting since Pattinson's style could be described as a little bit disheveled, what with his perfectly soft V-neck T-shirts, worn-in jeans, haphazardly thrown on flannel button-down, and, who could forget, his old-school leather jackets. So, I guess there's no saying whether or not it's 100 percent, but how great would that be?
Robert dresses exactly the way all dudes should dress. Sort of hip, sort of "Oh, I just picked this up off the floor." He looks like he doesn't put all that much time into his appearance (including his hair), but you know he made a little bit of effort, and you know that, clearly, he knows what's cool.

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