Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some people need to stop worrying about R & K's every move & enjoy their own lives!

Most days I quietly scan twitter for the latest R & K news. I re-tweet the good stuff, compliment people on great blog posts or fan art & try to avoid the shit that is almost always guaranteed to be thrown in the mix of tweets on my time line. Sometimes though, like today I'll come across a tweet that causes me to feel angry, embarrassed and shaking my head in disbelief at the fucked up things some people in this fandom will do or say. These people don't care that they are disrespecting Robert, Kristen and those dear to them because that doesn't fit in with their selfish, ways of thinking or their crazy need to know R & K's every move and have them together 24/7 in order to get through the day.

Every time work, or any other business causes Robert & Kristen to spend time apart, whether it be for 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months it's always the same people tweeting things like -

"OMG! Robert & Kristen haven't seen each other for (insert number) days - Did they break up"?
"Why isn't Rob where Kristen is?"
"Why isn't Kristen where Rob is"
"How can Kristen go out with friends, when Rob's not with her?"
"How can Rob go out with friends, when Kristen's not with him?"
"Rob went to a concert without Kristen - WTF!- They must have broken up?"
"Kristen tied her shoes without Rob - SHIT! This must be the end for Robsten!"

Okay, that last one I made up to show just how ridiculous people get. I normally just laugh and carry on with my twitter lurking, but when these people bring Rob and/or Kristen's family into their craziness by tweeting shit like "Where is your fucking brother? Uhm? Yesterday was #RobstenDay!" I can't sit back and say nothing.

R & K have fans of all ages but sadly many still have a lot to learn about life, people, relationships and appropriate ways of expressing themselves.

This obsession with / need for R & K to be together 24/7 or to see pictures of them out together being all cute & couplely to confirm they're happy and not broken up seriously needs to STOP!

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward didn't have their noses up each others ass 24/7. They were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood and had been happily married for 50 years at the time of Paul's death in 2008. Brad & Angelina don't have their noses up each others ass 24/7 and they seem to be doing just fine. There are many celebrity couples who are able to maintain a strong, loving, very committed, long lasting relationship without having their noses up each others ass 24/7 Rob & Kristen included. Couples all over the world are making it work even though they often spend more time apart than together due to work or other obligations.

In Rob & Kristen's case people should consider that while they don't like being apart, they love & respect each other enough to know what works best for them.

New filming projects are surely a bit stressful in the beginning with all the prep involved, not to mention often having to adjust to different locations, time zones, language and culture. Stress can bring out the worst in anyone, so I imagine to avoid unnecessary upset between them Rob & Kristen plan things out to allow for some space/time for whichever one of them is working on a new project to get settled before the other goes to visit or stay. Sometimes business or other obligations may keep them apart longer than they like, but from what I've seen after three years of watching them grow individually and in their relationship they obviously have a carefully thought out plan of how to handle things and together are doing a great job of making it all work out.

Another factor to consider is together Rob & Kristen are now pet parents. They have Bear, who from what we know went through hell in his first few months of life. Pets must qualify and meet a number of requirements when traveling to the UK which could mean if Bear failed to meet any of those requirements he would be made to stay in quarantine at a facility in a cage until the quarantine time is up. I can't see Rob & Kristen putting Bear through the hell of being locked up in a cage in a strange place just so they can be together faster, no way they would do that to him! I'm sure Rob & Kristen have been working on Bear's travel requirements for awhile now and when all steps have been completed enabling Bear to enter the UK, then he will go until then I'm guessing Rob will make a few short trips to see Kristen, family & friends so Bear won't have to be left in the care of others for very long as that could be very upsetting & stressful for him.

As fans we don't know Rob & Kristen's exact plans for when Rob will go to be with Kristen in London or when Bear will be able to go, but really we shouldn't because it's none of our fucking business!

When all is said and done, Rob WILL end up in London and Bear will too, happily wagging his tail in excitement as he gives his beautiful human mom Kristen wet, sloppy puppy kisses until Rob takes her in his arms to give her kisses of his own.

In the meantime, we fans have other great R & K related things to stay focused on and look forward to this year. Kristen looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of W magazine and is receiving fantastic compliments for it. Rob's 'Water For Elephants' is coming out on DVD next month, and we have all the promo for 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' which hits theaters in just 93 days!

To conclude a few final words to the people I mentioned in the beginning of my post. The ones who still have a lot to learn about life, people, relationships and appropriate ways of expressing themselves - step away from the computer and hang out with friends, spend time with family, read a book, watch a move, take a walk, enjoy life because you don't need to know R & K's schedule to be able to live your own life. You don't need to see photos of R & K acting all coupley to confirm they are happy or to be happy yourself. If you do, please seek professional help!

Rob & Kristen have been through so much together but obviously nothing they couldn't handle. From what I see, they are more than fine. The future is going to keep getting better & better for them individually and as a couple. That's more than enough to keep this fan squeeing.

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