Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Emmys 2011: Alterna-Emmys Staff Picks

Spartacus show
Spartacus is not the most highbrow show. The first few episodes earned the series a reputation for gratuitous nudity, violence, and sex. But beneath that scandalous outer layer was a clever and emotionally wrenching show that took risks few established series would. The second season managed to continue that trend, despite the loss of charismatic lead actor Andy Whitfield. While the star’s unfortunate cancer diagnosis forced the series to improvise a prequel series, creator Steven S. DeKnight took advantage of the situation to flesh out the characters in new, exciting ways. And boy, when we say “exciting," we mean it. There are no half-measures in classical Rome. -Natalie Silverman

Of Course, Andy, we were behind ya' every step of the way with Sparatacus; and remember we are no different than now! Get strong and let's hear an Urrgh!

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