Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did 'The Twilight Saga' Bring About A New Craze For Brown Contact Lens?

The Twilight saga, books and films included, may have reached it’s peak in fan fervor, (TWILIGHTISH.COM note -- who the heck are they trying to kid). There are still many ardent fans, including myself , who want to get a pair of those super cool brown contact lenses the actors wear in the movies. If you’re going to a themed or costume party and want to completely dress the part as a vegan vampire, buying a pair of brown contact lenses will definitely complete the ensemble.
If you were unaware of the existence of brown contact lenses then this article will explain a little and may help you to choose. Colored contacts and specifically brown contact lenses used to be a luxury item only movie industry types and celebrities could afford. These customized contacts used for films were expensive and rare and not always so comfortable. They were made from a hard substance that made them difficult to put in and uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Today these brown contact lenses have changed quite a bit. Many mainstream contact lens companies like acuvue, geo, colortones and freshlook, to name just a few, make cosmetic brown contact lenses. They are relatively affordable easy to use and comfortable to wear, and available in prescription and non prescription types. That means you can style up your eyes whether you need corrective lenses or not.

Apart from the conventional brown contact lenses, freaky vampire lenses, including the blood red kind also featured in the Twilight saga films, are popular as are other lenses based on different characters in movies and TV. You’ll also come across animal look alike lenses, especially cat and wolf eyes, and patterns like spirals and spades. Whatever mood you’re in, you’ll find a contact lens pair that fits it. Since the brown contact lenses are a little more normal, you may also want to look into natural colored lenses such as dark brown contact lenses. You can enhance your own eye color, even if you already have brown eyes, or go all the way and completely change it with opaque color contact lenses, which completely cover over your natural eye color.

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