Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady GaGa at the VMAs – I know I already told you guys I’m going as “Crazy red lace VMAs outfit” Lady GaGa, but you’re welcome to steal my idea or wear any of the other freak show outfits she’s worn.
16. Dirty Dancing – give a tribute to Patrick Swayze and dress up as Baby and Johnny this year. Baby can either wear a tied up white blouse with rolled up “jorts” and keds or the famous pink dress she wears at the end. Johnny can wear black pants and a black wifebeater. And don’t put Baby in a corner.
Even better, go as Bret Michaels and Daisy from “Rock of Love” - For Bret, wear a bandanna and rocker t-shirt; for Daisy, wear a hoochie top (no bra) and cutoffs; for both, wear tons of eyeliner, lip gloss, tattoos, and jewelry from Hot Topic.
Rachel Zoe – wear outlandish designer clothes that don’t fit, fur coat, big blond hair, giant sunglasses, walk around saying “That’s bananas!” and “I die!” See previous post for example.

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